1st RECBE Meeting

1st RECBE Meeting

RECBE meeting, 10th Jan 2018 (Wednesday)

ASBP offices (The Foundry, 5 Baldwin Terrace, London N1 7RU)

Information, Data and Uncertainty in the Construction


1.00pm  Coffee, registration


1.10pm  Welcome –  Simon Corbey (ASBP)

1.15pm  Welcome and introduction to RECBE – Jonathan Cullen (University od Cambridge)


1.30pm  Digital Reuse Platform –  Nitesh Magdani (BAM Construct UK)

2.00pm  Design optimisation and impact assessment at early stage design – Cyrille Dunant (University of Cambridge)

2.30pm  Measuring urban material stocks and flows – Danielle Densley Tingley (The University of Sheffield)

3.00pm  coffee, tea


3.30pm  Summaries of current projects, and brainstorm future collaborative projects

Uncertainty in the Energy Cost Metric:  Aurelia Hibbert (University of Cambridge)

BAMB overview – key elements: Katherine Adams (BRE)

4.30pm  Future meetings, meeting close.