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Exergy calculator

Exergy calculator

The use of energy and materials in modern society is associated with greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that exacerbate climate change. To reduce emissions, a combined energy and material efficiency approach is needed. Using exergy as a metric for quantifying energy and materials, we can discover the true thermodynamic value of these resources. Exergy acts as a measure for both a resource‚Äôs quantity and quality, reflecting how pure, hot or pressurised a resource is. 

We have created an exergy calculator which returns values of chemical exergy for a wide range of materials. The database of exergy values, includes all known published literature values for substances and calculates additional values based on published compositions of more complex materials. Where values differ, a range is given, along with the specific referenced values, to allow the user to choose the most appropriate value.

The calculator is created by Jonathan Cullen, Jeremy Fouillou, Rick Lupton and Harry Michalakakis.

Follow this link to access the calculator