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Sustainable Materials—with both eyes open

Sustainable Materials—with both eyes open

Materials, transformed from natural resource into the buildings, equipment, vehicles and goods that underpin our remarkable lifestyles, are made with amazing efficiency.

But our growing demand is not sustainable, so the optimistic, entertaining and richly informed book evaluates all the options … with both eyes open.

Sustainable Materials–with both eyes open, was written in 2012 by Julian Allwood, Jonathan Cullen, Martin McBrien, Rachel Milford, Mark Carruth, Alexandra Patel, Daniel Cooper, Muiris Moynihan, and published by UIT Cambridge.

The book is available for free download.

Bill Gates reviewed our book, Sustainable Materials—with both eyes open, in his online blog called Gatenotes, as part of his ‘The Best Books I Read in 2015 blog. He wrote a thoughtful review of the book, which can be found at