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A Snapshot of Refficiency’s 2023

A Snapshot of Refficiency’s 2023

It’s 2024! Whilst we are excited for all this year will bring, here is a brief look back at the past 12 months in the life of the Resource Efficiency Collective. We’ve published numerous papers, 4 PhD students have successfully completed their first year, a couple of our previous members have gained lectureships, new members have joined, internships at the IEA and ESA, trips to Laos, Leiden, the US and more… just to name a few of our activities this year!

Here are some more highlights:

2023 has been a great year. I thoroughly enjoyed the first year of my PhD. A highlight was organising a Transport Demand Modelling workshop in Paris for Climate Compatible Growth. It was a productive two days with over 30 participants from academia, industry, and governance. I have been accepted to present my work at the World Sustainable Energy Days in Austria next year, 2024. I look forward to this and other upcoming conferences surrounding efficiency and industrial ecology in the year to come.  -Ella

2023 has been a very busy and interesting year!  I’ve been to our CCG partner countries in Asia to co-design projects, I’ve been researching critical minerals topics within the Cambridge and wider CCG groups, and I started a project in Zambia. I’m happy to see the results of our work being taken up by policymakers. I’ve also enjoyed welcoming new faces to our group who are working with me like Baptiste. Looking forward to another busy but very rewarding 2024! -Karla

Some of the team at our Away Day in London in December.

2023 has been a dynamic and productive year with numerous workshops, conferences, site visits, and successful research collaborations. As part of the TransFIRe, we have consolidated research findings, yielding positive outcomes and building a holistic perspective on foundational industries. -Natanael

Having joined Refficiency half-way through the year, it has been a pleasure to get to know the team and embark on different projects. Some personal highlights have been helping to facilitate the C-THRU Workshop in Singapore in September, kicking off the planning for the upcoming Petrochemicals and Climate Change Conference, and the recent Refficiency Away Day in London in December! -Laura

Image credit: Aaron Burden