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Cambridge Public Health initiative launched

Cambridge Public Health initiative launched

We’re very proud to be part of the newly launched Cambridge Public Health initiative.

The aim of Cambridge Public Health is to tackle society’s most pressing public health problems through international collaboration. From disease, to hunger, to mental health, CPH are working to improve research evidence, capacity building and our impact to build a better world for us all through ten interconnected pillars and themes.

CPH consists of five research pillars, which are topics our experts have identified as pressing health issues that we aim to address. These are:
– Life-course and Ageing
– Health Inequalities
– Global Health
– Sustainability
– Public Mental Health

Resource Efficiency Collective’s Jonathan is co-leading the Sustainability Pillar with Dr James Smith.

Sustainability is a critical, but often under examined, dimension of public health research which relates to both to the healthcare sector directly and the wider determinants of health and interventions to influence these across all sectors.

This pillar explores the links between and research opportunities related to health, climate change and sustainability. We aim to create guidance and tools to embed sustainability thinking in healthcare and public health research. Activity in this space is highly interdisciplinary and collaborative, and we welcome anyone interested in connecting with the pillar from across all schools of the university.

For more information about Cambridge Public Health, visit their website or take a look at the video below:

Photo credit: Daniele Levis Pelusi