Reflections from the 2024 CUED Division C Conference

Reflections from the 2024 CUED Division C Conference

On Friday, May 17, I joined Grace, Ella, Ana and the Cambridge University Engineering Department (CUED) first- and second-year PhD students at Lucy Cavendish college for the annual Division C Graduate Conference.

Resource Efficiency Collective second-year PhDs presented on:

Grace Colverd, Machine Learning for Energy Retrofit of Domestic Buildings

Ella Jennings, Free from the Bounds of Carnot: Fundamental Disparities Between Combustion-Based and Electricity-Based Energy Systems

Ana Boskovic, Identifying Opportunities for Integration of Circular Economy Strategies in Building Retrofit

Lihani du Plessis, How can we design medical supply chains to be free from Modern Slavery?

Ana received the second-place award for best presentation!

At the conference we also enjoyed listening to three keynote presentations: Dr. Alice Cicirello shared personal reflections in Strategic Roadmap for the PhD to the Next Step in Your Career; Professors Shaun D. Fitzgerald and Hugh Hunt provided a geo-engineering approach to How Can We Repair the Climate?; and Professor Robert Katzschmann showcased research creativity in Musculoskeletal Robots Enable Adaptive and Versatile Locomotion and Manipulation.

Overall, the conference was a success and provided us with the opportunity to present our research and receive feedback from their peers in the Engineering Department.

Image: Dorin Seremet on Unsplash