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Supergen’s COP26 ‘Fishbowl’ Conversation

Supergen’s COP26 ‘Fishbowl’ Conversation

Refficiency’s Luke was recently part of Supergen’s ‘Fishbowl’ Conversation at COP26 discussing the future of net zero energy.

“A ‘fishbowl’ conversation is a participant-driven meeting designed for mass-engagement, where an initial set of panellists swap out over time for other members, enabling multiple viewpoints and perspectives to be aired and offering an opportunity for a variety of participants to engage.” -Supergen

The conversation focused visions for a net zero energy system, based upon the six areas of Supergen research that furthers sustainable power distribution and supply: Offshore Renewables, Solar, Energy Networks, Bioenergy, Hydrogen and Fuel Cells, and Energy Storage.

In the conversation, Luke emphasises the importance of developing technologies for efficiency alongside the development of new technologies focusing the subsequent conversation on demand side strategies. He explains that in terms of energy generation, we need to think about what we can do with the technology that exists now and we can’t necessarily rely on new technologies arising as a climate change strategy. Therefore our focus should be on developing the technologies we do have which are more granular and can undergo faster development and easier implementation. Luke also outlines why switching to nuclear power is not necessarily a viable method of reaching net zero by 2050.

Watch the full conversation on The Supergen Bioenergy Hub below:

Photo credit: American Public Power Association