2nd RECBE Meeting

2nd RECBE Meeting

2nd RECBE meeting, GRIMSHAW, 57 Clerkenwell Road, London, EC1M 5NG, UK, 24th Sep 2018 (Monday)

An implementation of Circular Economy principals


12.45 Coffee / registration

13.00 Welcome – Peter Swallow (GRIMSHAW Associate)

Welcome and introduction to RECBE – Jonathan Cullen (University of Cambridge)

13.15 – The Circular Economy metrics – Jonathan Cullen (University of Cambridge)

Mining and reusing materials

Stock and flow of materials / Use of BIM to catalogue materials / Business models to support emerging CE market

13.30How much cement can we do without? Lessons from cement material flows in the UK – Cyrille Dunant (University of Cambridge)

13.45Circular building assessment and the use of BIM – Katherine Adams (BRE)

14.00 –  A triage for reuse, repurposing and up cycling of existing building components – Colin Rose (University College London) 

Design for deconstruction

Estimating barrier to DfD / Estimating residual value during design phase

14.15Implementing DfD principals – New civil engineering building, West Cambridge – Peter Swallow (Grimshaw) & Panayiotis Papastavrou (SaW)

15.30 Coffee break / networking 

Extending the useful life of existing buildings

Decision support tools for accessing ROI of adaptive reuse v material reclaim + rebuild

15.45Appraising the economic case for adaptive reuse – A new home for Bath School of Art & Design – Allan Green (Grimshaw)

16.00Can Material Passports lower financial barriers for structural steel re-use? – Anse Smets  (VITO – The Flemish Institute for Technological Research)

Materials and energy use in construction

16.15Minimising Energy in Construction – Survey of Structural Engineering Practice – John Orr (University of Cambridge)

16.30Uncertainty of Embodied Energy and Cost Estimates for Structural Systems – Aurelia Hibbert  (University of Cambridge)


16.45 – Current projects, future collaborative projects, financing options

17.15 – Future meetings, meeting close