3rd RECBE Meeting

3rd RECBE Meeting

3rd RECBE (on-line) meeting, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge, 14th February 2019

 Material, Energy and Carbon in Construction 


12.30 – Coffee / registration


13.00 – Welcome – Simon Guest, Professor of Structural Mechanics, Head of Civil Engineering (University of Cambridge)  

13.10 – Opening presentation – Jonathan Cullen (University of Cambridge) 


Session I: Material, Energy and Carbon in construction

13.20 – Simon Sturgis – “Net Zero for Whole Life Carbon” (Targeting Zero LLP)

13.50 – Danielle Densley-Tingley – “Whole life material efficiency research at the University of Sheffield” (University of Sheffield) 

13.35 – John Orr – “Minimising Energy in Construction – Survey of Structural Engineering Practice” (University of Cambridge)

14.05 – Discussion

14.30 – Coffee

Session II: Building stock, circular economy and case studies

14.50 – André Cabrera Serrenho – “Strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions of the English  housing stock” (University of Cambridge)

15.05 – Iain Cameron – “The Impact of the Client Brief on Material Efficiency in Construction – The New Civil Engineering Building in Cambridge” (University of Cambridge)

15.20 – Rebecca Hartwell – “A regenerative approach to façade engineering with a focus on end-of-life challenges” (University of Cambridge)

15.35 – Discussion

16.00 – Running Projects – open session to present current projects

16.20 – Next steps 

16.30 – Visit to The James Dyson Building and The Dyson Centre (Department of Engineering, Trumpington St)