Professor Jonathan Cullen in top 2% of energy researchers worldwide

Professor Jonathan Cullen in top 2% of energy researchers worldwide

Stanford has recently listed Professor Jonathan Cullen in the top 2% of researchers in the field of energy for 2021.

The database uses Scopus data provided by Elsevier, and features citation scores and rankings for researchers across a wide range of academic disciplines. The rankings are based on the impact of publications rather than the sheer number of papers published.

Follow up on some of the publications Jon helped author in 2021 that contributed to the top 2% ranking below. Resource Efficiency is a research collective, and many of these papers were lead-authored or co-authored by other members of the team working together to produce impactful research.

Global material flow analysis of glass: From raw materials to end of life (Jennifer Bitting, Matteo Craglia, Jose Azevedo)

Food traceability: A generic theoretical framework (Samantha Islam)

A fork in the road: Which energy pathway offers the greatest energy efficiency and CO2 reduction potential for low-carbon vehicles (Leonardo Paoli)

Visualising food traceability systems: A novel system architecture for mapping material and information flow (Samantha Islam)

Calculating the chemical exergy of materials (Charalampos Michalakakis, Ana Gonzalez Hernandez)

A corridors and power-oriented perspective on energy-service demand and needs satisfaction

A hybrid traceability technology selection approach for sustainable food supply chains (Samantha Islam)

A new method to estimate the lifetime of long-life product categories (Cyrille Dunant, Michal Drewniok, Matteo Craglia)

Advances in traceability systems in agri-food supply chains (Samantha Islam)

Material efficiency for climate change mitigation

Future low-carbon electricity in Africa: how much material is needed? (Karla Cervantes Barron)

UK plastics Flows (Michal Drewniok, Andre Cabrera Serrenho)

Creating a water quality scale methodology using California as a case study (Jennifer Bitting)

Electromobility in the Global South: An equitable transition toward road passenger transport decarbonisation (Karla Cervantes Barron)